Manufacturing of steel building structures.
Our motto is trustworthiness and high quality of offered products.
Simplicity and swiftness of realisation. Reliable connections.
Weldable steel studs to use in composite constructions.
Aesthetic look of the surface. Long-lasting and effective anticorrosion protection.
Familiarise yourself with our offer of varnishing substances by renowned companies.

Our offer

Production of steel structures

The company manufactures non-standard steel strutures with a high degree of technological advancement. Elements of structures are made for the needs of residential, specialist and industrial construction. The company does not deal with the assembly of structures on construction sites.

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Anticorrosive paints

Our company deals in the sale of anticorrosive paints for wet painting, which we import, among others, from Germany. Our suppliers include well-known and proven companies: Brocolor Lackfarbik, Osnatol Lackfarbik, Hempel.

Our company's offer includes:

  • fast drying alkyd and undercoat paints,
  • epoxy paints,
  • PVC paints,
  • polyurethane-acrylic paints.
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Equipment of the plant

This is the total area of our plant

Production area

Maximum crane lift capacity

Roller blast machine RT-1500/1000

High-end welding equipment

Steel cutting equipment: guillotine shears, band saws, thermal cutting machines

Own vehicle rolling stock, specialised trailers for transporting large dimensions

About Broset

BROSET sp. z o.o. Established in September 1996. At the beginning of its activity, the company dealt exclusively with the sale of anticorrosive and fire protective paints, employing only three people and until today it sells specialist anticorrosive paints. The offer includes, among others, one- and two-component, alkyd, polyurethane and epoxy paints.

In 1999, the company also started the production of steel structures for industrial and specialist construction, frames for straightening chassis, aluminum hose clamps, car cradles. Currently, the company employs about 100 people, including a highly qualified group and qualified personnel for the supervision and control of the production process (with VT, UT, MT licenses). In the field of production of structures, 95% of our recipients are from Western Europe. From 23.03.2017, the main associate of the comapny is spannverbund GmbH, represented by Stefan Böhling.

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