Anti-corrosion paints

Since 1996 we have been selling anti-corrosion paints for wet painting.

Brocolor Hempel Osnatol

These manufacturers have ISO 9001 certificates, modern laboratories and production lines as well as many years of recognition on the Polish and European market.

In getting rid of corrosion our paints will work perfectly, depending on the requirements we are able to adjust a right type and set of paints to serve long and solid protection.

You can find in our offer i.e.:

  • epoxy paints
  • quick-drying primer and alkyd topcoats
  • PVC paints
  • polyurethane-acrylic paints
  • zinc ethyl-silicate paint
  • time protection paints that don't hinder welding work
  • polysiloxane paint
  • diluents

Our paints are dedicated to painting various types of steel and zinc surfaces like:

  • steel constructions
  • cans
  • containers
  • pipelines
  • vessels
  • machines, trailers, vehicles etc.
  • with the content of zinc phosphate, iron mica or zinc dust due to PN EN ISO 12944 regulation that secure from destructive influence of the
  • environment of different corrosion levels
  • our can appear not only for a certain polish level but it also have some decorative properties: structure effect or hammer effect
  • all paints are provided acc to RAL system or for customer's wish acc to other systems like NCS, Pantone or acc. to personal pattern
  • we have our own fleet of vehicles and large size warehouse so we can deliver our products on time and secure them to customer's needs

Are you interested in our offer? We invite you to cooperate with us!

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